John Comfort

If you’ve made it to this page, thank you!  I’m John.  I am feeling very fortunate to be in a position to connect with you all and share a little bit about myself.  I sometimes struggle with talking about myself as I am a pretty private guy. But, I feel it’s important or at the very least interesting, to share on a personal level.  Sean, my publisher, and I, both agreed that we should speak for ourselves-avoiding the third person voice.  You will be hearing from him at key moments.  He’s been fantastic, so far, we’ll see if that continues!  He did, after all, send me to a photographer where I sat awkwardly for this photo!  No, in all honesty, he’s been an amazing work partner and we’ve become fast friends.  He’s extremely gifted in the publishing world and a good man.

So, about me. I have quite the interesting ancestral background.  I have so many different bloodlines and genetics running through me that I have to hold UN sessions once in a while to keep the peace! I’m English, Irish, German, French, Italian, Native American (Oglala Lakota Sioux), and Ethiopian!  Yep, Ethiopian.  One of my Italian ancestors married/had a relationship with a woman who was Ethiopian royalty.  It’s all very cool.  Don’t be surprised if I craft a novel titled “How I Came to Be”!  Alright, so, I don’t want to be redundant, as much of who I am can be seen in the Interview. So, I will simply give you some bits about me.  I was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1978.  I lived there with my mom, Georgia, dad, Phil, and two brothers Jeremy and Pete until I was about six.  We then moved to a suburb of Chicago called Carol Stream.  It was here that I made life long friends and I went to High School at Glenbard North.  We were the fighting Panthers.  I was/am a soccer player and the Panther mascot carried it’s importance well after High School. The “Panther” always seemed to pop up in my life.  And one day, a jet black panther literally popped up in my life.  More on that later.  It’s a story unto itself.  It’s a story, actually, that led to the title “Panther in the Sun”.

I have so many memories from my life in Carol Stream.  A lot of good ones and some bad ones.  My/our life was a roller-coaster.  I’m tempted to write an autobiography here!  I don’t want to do that.  I will be using this site, from time to time, to blog and we can maybe get into some real deep stuff then!  Anyhow, as a Junior and Senior in high school I dreamt of a life that was simple and a life surrounded by natural beauty. So, when I was recruited by Montreat College, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, to play soccer, I didn’t think twice.  It was an incredible four years of everything I had dreamt of and I got to play extremely competitive soccer as well.  I walked away from Montreat with a full heart, full confidence and right onto a professional soccer team in Wilmington, N.C.  I had earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Minor in Spanish.  I soon realized the professional game was riddled with politics (my team at least) and it temporarily took the love of the game from me. So, I left them and that world.  But, never left the game.  I moved in with my parents for a year, they had been in Pawley’s Island, S.C. (the beach life was calling them).  My parents and younger brother, Pete, moved to the S.C. coast to escape the Chicago winters.  My mom’s immune system was/is very compromised and so my dad was able to keep his job by telecommuting.  My mom, being a talented pianist, was able to pick up new students right away.  This is where I befriended my wife Angela.  She was a single mom and a very hard working Massage Therapist.  It was through her that I became interested in the ancient healing arts.  I enrolled in a Massage Therapy Institute and I have been in the field for 15 years now.

Our friendship turned into love and here we are in the stunning Lowcountry!  We live in Bluffton, S.C. (20 minutes from Savannah and 20 minutes to the beaches of Hilton Head).  We’ve been here since 2005.  We’ve been married for 13, going on 14 years in December.  She’s my best friend.  We have two beautiful boys.  Our youngest son Jonah is 12 and our oldest, Sage, just turned 21.  They are the center of our universe. If you ask me who I am, I will tell you that I’m a father and a husband.  I’m so very dedicated to my family and this will never change.  Everything else is secondary.  Important, but secondary.  I encourage you to read the interview, if you haven’t already, to learn a little bit more about me and my writing.

I really hope you read “Panther in the Sun”.  It is a novel close to my heart.  It’s a page turner, so I’ve been told!  I describe it as a “movie in book form”.  It’s a book meant for everyone-a very broad audience.  It’s not necessarily a “Native American” novel.  That being said, I’m so proud to say that it has already resonated with a very good man.  A Native American man.  Chief Hatcher of the Waccamaw Tribe (a native tribe here in South Carolina).  When I reached out to him to read “Panther in the Sun”, he graciously did so.  I was a bit nervous as to what he would have to say.  But, within only a few short days, he responded in a way that I will never forget.  He felt honored and proud of what I had written.  That obviously blew me away, and I am extremely pleased that this will be well received by the Native American community.  I can’t wait to share “Panther in the Sun” with all of you.

Well, that’s it for now.  “Walk easy”.