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Panther in the Sun

AFTER TRAGEDY TEARS APART a Native American family, a father must endure harsh and unjust consequences and fight to find his children. We follow the separated lives of the father and his two sons as they make their way in an unforgiving and hostile world.

Panther in the Sun is a powerful story of courage, love, determination, and reconciliation.

“THE NOVEL, AND THE INTERMIXING OF THE LIVES IN IT, is an enjoyable read that renders an anxious excitement as the undeserved hardships of a single American family unfolds. Culturally inspired difficulties involving hunts, rescues, war and even plane crashes, arise as the lives of the characters progress from family to separation and back to family and extended family. Truly, a story with a viewpoint and tradition not often told: that of the American Indian.” —Chief Hatcher of the Waccamaw